Belle 100 Pack Resealable Mylar Bags for Food Storage with Label Stickers – 5 x 8 Inches




100 Pcs Mylar Bags with Label Sticker| Size 5*8 Inch 1.57 Inch (Gusset Bottom) 14 x 20 + 4cm (Gusset Bottom)


Stand up Zip lock Bags suitable for storing little things!

Our little baggies with sealable zippers offers various storing and packaging solutions. Available in three different sizes, suitable to store most of the food items , you can use it at different occasions or parties as cookies, goodies, treat or candy bags. Simply fill your collectables in the pouches, zip or heat-seal it for safety and storage.

What can you store in the Mylar bags?

100pcs small packaging bags can be utilized for daily life, from coffee beans, grains, herbs, dried fruits to lip gloss, eyelashes, jewelry, keychains or packaging gifts to share with family and friends. You can also use these pouches as 


  • Cookie bags : goodies, toffee, chocolates, candy and sweets cute packaging for kids 
  • Food-safe bags: for snacks, seasonings, spices, nuts, jerky, tea, coffee
  • Dispensary bags: pack vitamin gummies, medicines in the odor proof cookie bags
  • Clear Display Bags: small business packaging products or display at store for sale
  • Beauty accessories: cosmetics, jewelry, bath salts, exfoliate scrubs, trinkets
  • Small Tool Items: nuts, bolts, screws to prevent them from corrosion
  • Travel packing: store little things while going on camping, hiking or holidays 
  • Treat or Gift Bags: for parties, family gathering, special occasions or wedding 


How to store items in Mylar Bags?


Get the right size of Mylar pouch: We offer 3 different sizes of stand up pouches, choose the right size depending upon the volume of item you want to store. 

Open the pouch zipper: Start putting the item in the bag until it is full

Shake the bag to allow the things to settle and create more space

Tightly zip lock the bag to seal it properly or heat seal the bag for long-term storage 


Note: These Mylar bags are leak proof but not recommended to store liquid items


Main Features 

  • Visually appealing clear front for attractive display
  • Rounded corners with tear notch at top for easy opening
  • Stand up base and wide bottom for easy filling and space efficiency
  • Functionality of self-sealing zipper or heat seal
  • Metalized PE back and clear front
  • Reusable, tear resistant and Smell proof pouch



Color: Front Clear Back Silver
Overall size with gusset bottom: 5×8 + 1.57 inches / 14×20+4cm
Thickness each side: 100um
Weight: 6.8g
Quantity: 100 pcs
UPC: 195893069347
Brand: BELLE


Package Bundle Includes:

100 Stand up Mylar bags + 2 sheet small label stickers


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